The Sunshine Youth Hub provides a creative community meeting place for young people in Sunshine, in the western suburb of Melbourne. Located just south of the railway station, well serviced by bus routes and with good pedestrian and cycling access, the hub incorporates a gallery, studio and classroom spaces, library, council and community facilities. The site is equipped with solar panels to provide most of the energy required, and water recycling and treatment is made visible through the prominence of urban wetlands. A project in three phases, the Sunshine Youth Hub responds to an immediate issue before expanding to incorporate a focus on food culture and addressing a need for diverse housing options.

Sunshine is turning into an aging community. Although it is diverse in culture and rich in history, there is no place for community to come together on a regular basis. The south precint is especially desolated, the only green space is under used. Youths do not have a sense of belonging here, often travel long distances to get to a center or a class after school hours. The existing institutions in Sunshine are not able to facilitate their social needs. Youths are the key group of people that has the highest potential to change the demographic of the community.

Site Choice

1. Within 400m radius from the station
2. Located along Hampshire Road
4. Pool of youths from nearby schools
3. Activating the only green space, RT Polland Garden
5. Activating under-used buildings
6. Located by the railway line