“The driving idea that forms this housing development is akin to the concept of Tetris where tile-matching puzzles are affixed to a grid system and is composed of modular shapes and sizes. Its objective is to optimize the use of space while providing variations for individuality. Dozens of floor plan variations could be created from only 3 types of rotated Tetris units. The flexibility of alterations within an engineered framework is the nobility of the Industrialized Building System (IBS). The concept of the Tetris further compliments the idea of modularity, forming the basis for layout logic and façade design with the technology of IBS. A close-knit community creates a sense of security and belonging. As the urban areas become increasingly
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Eclectic Mnemonics

February 2, 2019

Infiltration of daylight into the courtyard space adorned with pastel colored vintage windows.   Home is the heart of all things that define the person who dwells in it. Each home has its unique narrative which embodies nostalgia, dreams, hopes and ideals. In our recent completed project, we have specially designed parts of the home as eclectic mnemonics, enabling the couple to relive some of their fond childhood memories mixed with pockets of spaces with contemporary elements symbolizing their current desire to redefine their familiar experiences.   The dry kitchen overlooking the landscape area. We made a deliberate choice to have a modern kitchen finished with warm and dark tones. Our favorite finishing touches include the Sequoia Brown marble top for
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Katy Ann Gilmore

July 1, 2016

Obsession is an understatement for this LA based artist, a graduate who immerses herself in the art of mathematics and nature by drawing countless triangles, over and over again. Katy Ann Gilmore has very specific techniques, drawing landscapes and mesh surfaces which seem all too familiar for users of software tools for designing. The construction of these terrains is partially revealed in some of her white ink on black backdrops where parallel lines are extended as guiding grids for the formation of mountainous surfaces. While it may seem that the undulations are purely intuitive creations, the coordinated lines reveal to us the very essence of organic forms; the intentional assemblage of courses. Sourced from: Where Math & Nature Meet
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Anamorphosis is a phenomenon, a visual experience created from distorted perspective. We have seen such illusions on the streets, where artists transformed a simple plane into a 3 dimensional realm, a virtual reality from the amalgamation of calculated art and wild imaginations. Now this series of anamorphic art is surfaced on a chromed cylinder, which projects seemingly nonsensical drawings on planes into stunning masterpieces. The cylinder becomes the untouched drawing board portraying the actual work which is taking place on another medium. The science behind such creations defies the natural human inclination to depend on the first tangible perspective. This is an intriguing process worth exploring in other practices of art, namely graphic designing, product designing and architecture. Created by
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Think “amphibious” and you would probably picture the Lilypad City by Vincent Callebaut, an idea that once seemed like a far-fetched reality has begun to show a glimpse of its existential possibility when the founders of Baca Architects erected a home that floats on the water of River Thames at Marlow. There’s no gimmick, UK is housing 6m homes which are at risk of flooding and up to 20,000 new homes will be built in flood prone areas this year alone. This phenomenon has driven Baca Architects to develop a new housing typology, one that works with water rather than against it. Sure, it would have been less expensive to build elevated houses, like houses on stilts as sturdy as those built in New Orleans.
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December 9, 2015

The story of Elysian ELYSIAN: the embodiment of sky & water. Sky pool is generally defined as a water body with infinity edge(s) producing a visual effect of water without boundary. This illusive water-sky horizon is often a planar experience. Elysian is envisioned to transform the experience of the horizon which separates the water from sky into a wholistic embodiment of both water & sky through a series of vertically stacked cantilevered pools, creating a seemingly infinite disposition of water and sky. The preconceived horizon diminishes and one finds himself floating in two mediums of formlessness. This immersive and gravity defying experience forms a personal journey of self and situational awareness, where one finds himself in a sky pool escapade
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July 31, 2015

Santiago Cirugeda Santiago is a name no stranger to those familiar with the architecture realm. Most people would instantly associate Calatrava and his Milwaukee Art Museum which was also featured in the Hollywood films. Little do we know, Spain also inherited another Santiago who has emerged in the recent years to become a society-transforming architect, changing urban spaces and gradually redesigning the landscape of Spain in ways more impactful than iconic buildings alone could achieve. Some calls him the rebel for the lack of a better term. He is a design activist who uses architecture as a means to change social behaviours, challenge norms, perceptions and make affordable, designed spaces for all. Thomas Markussen, an Associate Professor at the Kolding School of Design wrote
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BRAZIL “Sustainability is everywhere, from the construction/deconstruction system made up with prefabricated modules, to the water reuse mechanisms and the employment of certified and recyclable materials.” The Brazil pavilion presents itself as a thoughtful and meaningful architecture, intentionally playful and engaging. It has successfully portrayed the agricultural and farming culture of Brazil, demonstrated through the choice of material and the unostentatious layout of spaces. How easily one finds himself immersed in the realm of gravity play, exploring the many possibilities of architecture and body interaction.   AUSTRIA The Austria pavilion is another unpretentious architecture, like a living mechanism immersing its visitors with breathing pockets of natural greens. It provided an oasis, a rejuvenating experience in contrast to other pavilions which as dense with audio visuals
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