The Magician’s Twin by C.S. Lewis

Nature inspires many inventions and innovative designs. It contributes to many concepts including the emergence of biomimicry, a well-known term typically used in the realm of architecture and also in the vast field of design. Whether it is the influence of effortless aesthetics or the law of nature, the pursuit for logical and beautiful inventions stemmed from the desire to embrace the intelligent design of nature.

C.S.Lewis had put forth an interesting discourse in “The Magician’s Twin” to unveiled a greater meaning behind nature’s intelligence that contributed to philosophies of science and society today. His arguments based on his observations of moral law, physical manifestations of nature and its complexities provoked a deeper contemplation as he claimed the existence of a transcendent source as the mastermind of intelligent design.

“Nature gives most of her evidence in answer to the questions we ask her.” – C.S. Lewis

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Photography: carro| |ee