This piece from the series of  the Mildest Girl by MeiMei Xu is rather interesting, both in the product as well as the choice of graphical representation. The concept stemmed from an intimate and personal approach. It is especially interesting to find the tension in the girl as well as the designed fabric, which seems to reveal a degree familiarity because of its resemblance of an outerwear yet “concealing” the rest of the garment, creating a kind of disposition that resembles a scarf. The duality is an inherent feature but a subtle one, merging very well with its mild nature.

She eats desserts but not too much,

She drinks tea and likes the smell of coffee,

She goes to art galleries and enjoys music,

She thinks original designs are important She is passionate about Australian made garments and Melbourne- based independent labels,

She cares about the environment and love natural fabrics,

She desires to be comfortable and beautiful,

She wants to be different but never the center of attentions,

She loves to be elegant but also fresh and easy-going,

She questions about life,

She observes and tries to improve herself,

She loves others and wants to be loved,

She is soft but not delicate,

She is brave but not hard,

She is mild,

The mildest.



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