The story of Elysian
The story of Elysian

ELYSIAN: the embodiment of sky & water.

Sky pool is generally defined as a water body with infinity edge(s) producing a visual effect of water without boundary. This illusive water-sky horizon is often a planar experience.

Elysian is envisioned to transform the experience of the horizon which separates the water from sky into a wholistic embodiment of both water & sky through a series of vertically stacked cantilevered pools, creating a seemingly infinite disposition of water and sky. The preconceived horizon diminishes and one finds himself floating in two mediums of formlessness. This immersive and gravity defying experience forms a personal journey of self and situational awareness, where one finds himself in a sky pool escapade unlike any other commercial infinity pools.

Sited on the grounds of La Defence and strategically located by the Seine River, overlooking the iconic Eiffel Tower, this hotel stands 330m tall with rooms and pools orientated outwards to encapsulate a 360˚ skyline of Paris. Its steel lattice structure not only draws precedence from the Eiffel tower, Elysian also presents itself as a permeable haven with its angular voids to create wider angle views of Paris on every level. As opposed to a solid concentric mass, this hotel with a built up area of 2535 square meter unfolds itself across the plot, opening more wall surfaces for viewing out. Its criss-crossing footprint creates pockets of recreational spaces that would facilitate outdoor events and cultural activities. It is also made accessible via Boulevard de Neuilly and the existing pedestrian link.

Glass makes up a large portion of the hotel’s main finishes to remain light and permeable, while the solid walls are constructed from steel reinforced concrete. The most apparent material is the exposed steel beams running diagonally along the hotel façade which forms better structural integrity and resonates the Elysian concept.

Every room has a pool to itself, giving either option for visitors to swim indoors or outdoors. Kitchen, dining, living room and bedrooms are laid on an open plan, accessed directly from the private lift lobby as opposed to transitioning through a long (and very often, enclosed) passageway from the lift cores.

Elysian also accommodates corporate visitors and commercial shoppers, it houses amenities such as auditoriums, theatres, function halls, retail outlets, cafeterias including admin offices, hotel housekeeping areas and underground basement car parking lots. The commercial and corporate zones are linked to one another via sheltered garden bridges.


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