What can we conclude from the shot-by-shot comparison? We could deduce that Simon Smith, the filmmaker, had intentionally attempted to illustrate the striking differences in the clothing and vehicles of yesteryears but more so, to a greater degree, the distinct similarities where the iconic cityscape stood the test of time. The scenes on the left were captured by Claude Friese-Greene, depicting London in the year 1926 which inspired Smith to evoke its glory days with careful and patient recording, imitating the timing, angle and key players within the context of 2013. Even as the population grew to approximately 40% since the 1920s, which also resulted in escalating number of vehicles and traffic, the city’s infrastructure and planning made (and continues to make) affordances for such growth while keeping the monumental landmarks intact.

London in 1927 & 2013: A Shot By Shot Video Comparison of London, 86 Years Apart London history
Image credit to thisiscolossal.com