Obsession is an understatement for this LA based artist, a graduate who immerses herself in the art of mathematics and nature by drawing countless triangles, over and over again. Katy Ann Gilmore has very specific techniques, drawing landscapes and mesh surfaces which seem all too familiar for users of software tools for designing. The construction of these terrains is partially revealed in some of her white ink on black backdrops where parallel lines are extended as guiding grids for the formation of mountainous surfaces. While it may seem that the undulations are purely intuitive creations, the coordinated lines reveal to us the very essence of organic forms; the intentional assemblage of courses.



Connected-Vertices-Number-4-Katy-Ann-Gilmore Dissolve-Number-3-Katy-Ann-Gilmore Parallel-Planes-Intersecting-Landscape-Katy-Ann-Gilmore Path-Number-1-Katy-Ann-Gilmore Path-Number-2-copy Projected-Terrain-Katy-Ann-Gilmore Sky-Cube-Katy-Ann-GilmoreSourced from: Where Math & Nature Meet