“I’m inspired by the way the world is changing around us and how architecture can respond to it. Selfies, emoticons, Facebook and FaceTime have become universal shorthand for communicating in the digital age.  My instinct was to try and harness that immediacy in the form of sculpture; to turn the everyday moment into something epic. I’ve been thinking of this as a kind of digital platform to express emotion, at the scale of architecture.” -Asif Khan

This pavilion is an embodiment of sculpture, digital technology, contemporary culture and perhaps, a hint of architecture merely because of its scale. Situated at the entrance of the Olympic Park, this 2000 sqm cube captures and morphs visitors’ faces into a 3D sculpture and a performative facade, lit like a giant pin art with RGB-LED contained in each translucent sphere unit, summing up to 11,000 pieces in total. Like a magnified portraiture, this masterpiece is rather cult-like as visitors’ were seen mesmerized and awestruck at the formation of their facial features, blown up to 3500 times larger, like those of a Buddha statue or the faces of Mount Rushmore. Perhaps this is a literal means to convey the state of human pride? Whether this interpretation is an intentional implication or not, it has an impactful presence and the potential to expand as a media for social or political propaganda.





Images credit to www.creativereview.co.uk

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