The infamous Geylang district in Singapore now boasts a quaint identity after a series of transformation at Lorong 24A. These 1920s shophouses were completely redesigned and revamped on the inside, giving each home its unique individuality while conserving a collective exterior. It is like opening a box of chocolates, all wrapped in similar packaging, waiting to surprise unsuspecting visitors.

“Considerable design freedom was accorded to the invited local architects, allowing them to explore the potential of each shophouse, breaking away from the standard design duplication present in most residential developments, refreshing notions of shophouse-living.”

Unit No. 5 by Atria Architects

Unit No.9 by Atria Architects

Unit No. 19 by HYLA Architects

Unit No. 21 by KD Architects + FARM

Unit No. 13 by HYLA Architects

Unit No.11 by Linghao Architects

For more exciting images and elaborate description of each design intent, check out the Lorong24A Shophouse Series.