Infiltration of daylight into the courtyard space adorned with pastel colored vintage windows.


Home is the heart of all things that define the person who dwells in it. Each home has its unique narrative which embodies nostalgia, dreams, hopes and ideals. In our recent completed project, we have specially designed parts of the home as eclectic mnemonics, enabling the couple to relive some of their fond childhood memories mixed with pockets of spaces with contemporary elements symbolizing their current desire to redefine their familiar experiences.


The dry kitchen overlooking the landscape area.

We made a deliberate choice to have a modern kitchen finished with warm and dark tones. Our favorite finishing touches include the Sequoia Brown marble top for the island counter and the sockets to match the timber grains surrounding the kitchen counter. The dry kitchen overlooks the outdoor landscape area, parted by large adjustable vertical louvers which act as a fine border between privacy and openness.

Chamfered edges

At the reading alcove by the living room, is a seating area softened with cushions, curtain, Roman blind and fabric paneling, illuminated by daylight that comes pouring in from the morning sun. Like most booklovers, the couple wanted a space where they could have a communion with families and friend while exchanging ideas on their latest reading. The geometrical patterns on the paneling creates a visual texture to the otherwise plain textile surfaces in this alcove.

Reading alcove

This transitional space is subtly painted by light and shadow lines, creating a changing wallpaper complimented by a minimal wall light fitting.

Semi Opened Lanai Area

The light of the sun comes through the house in various ways. We like to orchestrate the dance of the daylight with lines and semi translucent mediums.

There are also niches in this house that are entirely secluded from daylight. With these spaces, our approach was to create warm and cosy places with inward reflection and refraction.

We have carefully selected the various materials to seamlessly match as one tone in the master bathroom.

Shared bathroom leading towards the Japanese Room

The couple was also very fond of the tatami culture. They call this the Japanese room, yet to be adorned with symbolic decorations but is readily finished with white oak flooring and timber framed sliding doors. We wanted the transition to be in sync with the tones of this Japanese room, so the shared bathroom becomes part of the extension.

Unconventional to the grid pattern of the timber sliding doors, the proportions and lines were teased to create a contemporary translation.
Sliding door with edging as handle

Reusing the white and timber finishes in the Japanese room, the bedrooms are designed with similar colour tones, coupled with the natural ascent & descent of the sunlight.

A slight incline of the headboard as an ergonomic backrest.

Here is another nook of the house where nostalgia plays a role to create a sense of place. The grills were practically intended for security reasons but it was also a necessary tool to invoke memories of the past.

Re Alignment

Lines are capable to redefine typical perceptions. While material length was a constraint, it became the source of our design inspirations.

Our design considerations include the details that make architecture, interior and furniture designs personal. We love how the natural elements could be incorporated into the built environment of this home. We love how both memories and ambitions can form meaningful spaces for the couple living in this house.

Edging details of the dining furniture