The display booth is envisioned to be a changing and interactive installation. Unlike conventional booths that affix the works to a scope of view, the booth acts like an unfolding Rubik’s model to engage viewers more intimately to the works through physical interactions and customized perspectives. This vision comes with a number of pragmatic challenges, namely, the installation of lights, model securing devices and the choice of material suitable for such dynamic arrangements and flexibility. In order to minimize the booth’s weight, we chose the triangular framework as the basis of our structural design, which enables us to minimize the use of material while attaining sufficient strength.

The lighting is a suggestive instrument used to reveal the works displayed. It may suggest a viewpoint from which a hidden model can be seen or to suggest the best viewpoint of a model.

The booth aims to inhabit both the viewers and the works displayed; merging them as a single entity that is engulfed and immersed by the morphing installation, like the nature of an ambient sound.


About the competition and exhibition:

Each year, students from each local institution will exhibit their display booth at the annual booth design competition organized by PAM (Malaysian Institute of  Architects). The design and build  process is a consolidation of individual ideas, group effort and teamwork. The theme for the year 2010 revolves around the idea and manifestation of sound. Our team which consists of 5 members were chosen to represent Taylor’s University upon winning the internal competition.

 Members: Carrol Lee,  Alex Lee,  Justin Tan, Sherene Tan & Albee Chiew.