Gian Lorenzo Bernini is a renowned Italian artist in the period of Renaissance, famous for his intricate and emotional sculptural works. His ability to convey gravitational forces, lightness as well as intensity through his carvings put him in the forefront among other sculptural masters of his time, transforming marble into beings with carnal expressions and spiritual manifestations. His skills are evident in his depiction of the Ecstasy of St. Theresa, the statue of David as well as Apollo and Daphne, to a name a few. His art became an inspiration and exploration platform for Sandra’s design thesis in her quest to transform the visual attributes of building materials to evoke spiritual notions. 

Using a formless medium such as spray foam, the morphing technique involves using a textile fabric to encapsulate the forces of compression, torsion and tension. The beauty of this exploration is the transformation of its nature as a hidden building component into a featured element. Its translucency allows for sufficient light penetration to highlight every trace of the making process and accentuates the motion of its embedded form. Such is the strategy employed by Bernini himself to create a staging effect, a well-known approach of the Baroque.

The carnal expressions of Bernini’s sculpting (image credit
Collage of material explorations by Sandra De  Abreu Dias
Collage of material explorations by Sandra De Abreu Dias

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