Dulled by staticness, Howe had longed for something more dynamic in his artwork. An artist based in Washington, he shifted from painting to making kinetic sculptures, bringing pieces of stainless steel to life as he consolidates with nature’s force. Almost hypnotizing, the motion of every unit is choreographed and calculated to create a coherent movement, a dance with the wind.

The design process integrates computer technology as well as an artist’s intuition which enables him to explore diverse forms and assembly. Yes, Howe’s assembly of repetitive elements is especially clever to exhibit the sculptures’ ability to exhibit their organic nature. The thin and reflective sheets are choice materials to display the beauty of his works against the vast and seemingly still landscape. For more of his recent works, check out his website.

Face [snapshot from video]
Octo 2 [snapshot from video]

Image credit to valerie-kamikubo.blogspot.com
Image credit to thekidshouldseethis.com
aanthony howe
A close up of Beeku, image credit to enspire.hu