Designed furniture is intimate to the scale of human body and engages with our daily little (perhaps trivial) routine. There is a dynamic relationship between the design and the user; furniture is not merely an object but an expression of a living tool. In pursuit of this concept, the furniture is designed to exhibit motion and velocity. The ever extending lines that construct these pieces are visual manifestations of a growing furniture, wrapping itself around a column. The dowels and ‘mortise & tenon’ joints are intentionally integrated as structural means, aesthetic display and purposeful extensions according to user’s imagination. Made of 1+1, the furniture enables user to disassemble and locate it out of context, as a free standing sculpture.

The design fits into an existing bedroom, filling up an odd gap of 300mm between a column and a wall by the entrance door.

Key Ideas: Design to wrap around the column & fill the gap pragmatically. This two piece furniture can also be parted to serve as individual freestanding sculptures.

Features: Cloak, umbrella & hat hangers, shoe rack for 12 pairs of footwear, bin compartment & shelves.

Materials: Victorian Ash & American Walnut. Colours ascend from darker to lighter tones. Finished with organic Danish oil.

Joints: Mortise & tenon, mitre, cross mitre, dowel, domino, biscuit, finger, dovetail, half mitre.

Dimensions: 1700 X 990 X 870 mm

This design was required to be completed within 96 contact hours, including design iterations and time used to purchase timber.